"New Hampshire Metaphysical has literally been a “godsend”.  Julie Ann's passion for this work and her drive is amazing. I am a Medium as well, but decided to attend her Channeling Class. I felt out of place at first, but her quote of "there is NO channel envy here”, her encouragement and the abilities she saw in me, kept me coming back. With her guidance and teaching, my blockages were swept away and my Angelic channeling abilities flowed in. There is no stopping them now!

And there is no stopping Julie Ann either. When she channels it is inspiring, when she does a mediumistic session, it is healing and when she has a practice circle, it is laughter filled and mood lifting.
I can honestly say, Julie Ann & New Hampshire Metaphysical have changed my life."

- Leslie Hoffman
Angel Channel, Spirit Medium, Animal Intuitive, Psychic
Cocoa Beach, Florida and Litchfield, New Hampshire

Dear Julie Ann,

Channeling class last night was wonderful. Even though the group was small, it was so very comfortable for me as I step forward again, trying to get my footing in a place I love. It also gave me the opportunity to get to know two others in this work more in-depth, which would not have happened in a larger class. Everything that transpired was like Spirit wrapped us all in beautiful spiral cords of inspiration, avenues of growth and inner wisdom to reflect upon and move with.  

I learn so very much from others, how they work, their unique gifts, and the love that connects us all. I continue to be blessed by meeting so many Lightworkers that come from a most genuine heart. I always feel honored to be in their presence and know when a vulnerability within me surfaces, they truly understand from that Divine place of Light. During such challenging times, trust brings empowerment in endless ways from the higher side of life.

Attending numerous offerings at New Hampshire Metaphysical over the past several years has further deepened my connection with Spirit. More recently, this has brought me to step beyond my boundaries in developing and sharing my passions further.

Thank you…for always believing in me! Your honesty and encouragement come with a gentleness, caring and higher wisdom, yet with a strength also.  

Have a MAGICAL day!!!

Divine Blessings,
Anna Marie Nicoletti

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