Live Zoom (Noon) Channel Class: "Channeling into Emergence" with Julie Ann Gadziala

May 27, 2020  12 pm - 1:30 pm        



Classes will be recorded and available to all students



During these classes there will be Channeled Journey Meditations, explanations, guidance and written and/or  spoken channeling practice. Exercises are undertaken in a positive and encouraging atmosphere where individuals develop at their own pace.  The classes are open to all levels.  If you are brand new to channeling or perhaps just emerging, you will get advice on some tools, tips and techniques to Channeling.  If you are already channeling this class will push you to go deeper into your connections and offer the opportunity for regular ongoing channeling. 


Perhaps you wish to use this series to help you to become a Channel for yourself as there are so many benefits that come as a result of Channel wisdoms. Or maybe you wish to add depth and dimension to a healing modality you are already practicing. Some people just want to have a closer personal relationship with their guides and the angels and directly receive their healing, love and guidance. Others just wish to revel in the spiritual messages that are so often imparted.


Participants ​can ​attend via computer, tablet, smartphone or dial-in via phone. 

This series offers Live Channeling through Julie Ann at each class. As well as the opportunity for you to channel via exercises during class and/or at home.


A recording of each session will be made available to all registered attendees at no additional charge so that if you miss the session or simply want to review it again, you can do so at your leisure. 

​This experience is just as p​otent and informational when watching the recording. 

​You have the option of a video replay and an audio replay that you have the option to stream or download.

 ​ ​

"My channeling classes attract individuals from a wide geographic area who seek not only to hear my own channeling but to learn to open up to their own channel connections as well.  I am the Creator and Director of  New Hampshire Metaphysical where I maintain a buy private practice and teaching schedule." - Julie Ann Gadziala


All class registrations must be paid for in advance.  


$25 per Class.  Registration Link



Forward any questions to:


"I have loved being a part of Julie Ann's channeling class! Julie Ann is an amazing teacher. She is humble, kind and generous with her students in a truly refreshing way. She knows how to nudge you to try new things while making sure you feel supported. Each class is entirely unique with lots of channeled wisdom and meditations. I have grown in my confidence through this class and encourage anyone who is interested in learning  how to tune in to their own guidance system to try it!" - Heather 


​As a beginner learning to channel, I was feeling stuck and isolated. Julie Ann's ZOOM class helped me to build my confidence and connect with a whole group of people, forming this great channel conclave from the comfort of my home. The online group dynamic feels so surprisingly intimate (while still being in your own space) that you can make real connections with other classmates that go beyond the class. Julie Ann has a talent for getting folks together, and getting them moving! - Which is exactly what I needed, as my channeling has progressed dramatically - Thank you Julie Ann!" - Greg


"Julie Ann's channeling class is amazing. I leave on a natural high full of excitement and awe. My connections have grown so much stronger and my life has improved because of it."   Lynn


Julie Ann's channeling class is really appropriate for anyone who wants to channel spirit. The way Julie Ann works with everyone at different levels is amazing. She's able to give guidance to people who channel regularly and to someone who has never done it before. The class really allows you to open yourself up to deeper levels regardless of where you start. The exercises that she provides allows you to access new avenues to connect with spirit. If you focus and allow yourself to be an open channel you will be surprised what you come up with. Learning to channel is an excellent way to further deepen your mediumship and spiritual development at any level. Highly recommended!!" - Mari


"First I would like to say that Julie Ann is a wonderful very patient, very kind, giving intuitive, encouraging and just a joy to be around. I have to preface this by saying that I am new to channeling and at the moment really working on my own intuitive skills they do seem to be coming along and Julie Ann has given a plethora of tips and tricks to get in stream and receive. I highly recommend anyone to take her channeling class weather in person which I am sure is probably a hundred times more creative and inspiring than the zoom class online which is awesome in itself.I do hope to be able to take the class in person.  Everyone who took part in the online class was very encouraging and helpful and a joy to participate with." -De


"If you want to understand the incredible process of channeling and begin channeling yourself, I would highly recommend Julie Ann’s channeling class. Why channel? In short, to gain wisdom, to understand the world, to understand your place in the world, and to be at peace within yourself. I have been working with Julie Ann for about 6 months. I have had numerous teachers through the years so am very discerning and highly critical. I can honestly say, ​Julie Ann rocks! She is an excellent teacher with a wealth of experience and a solid understanding of the discipline. She is generous with her time and knowledge because she wants her students to succeed. Whether you want to channel yourself, or are just curious about the subject, this is a terrific class in which to achieve both.​" - Gayle 




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