Channeling Connections- Select Tuesday evenings with Julie Ann Gadziala

February 4, 2020   Tuesday  6:30 pm - 9:00 pm



Spoken and written channeling flow freely in these classes.  Be prepared to go deep into your channel streams in these classes. 


Inspirational Processes... Channeled Pathways...Revelations... 


Written and Spoken channeled messages/auras/vibrations will flow.

Connecting to the higher realms, higher level messages, angelic messages, messages for humanity, predictions, foretelling, past life and future life channeling, Arcturian and other ET channel connections, akashic record channeling. 


Trance meditations will  bring us deeper into our connections and will be a core part of these classes.

We will be using Wisdom and Best Practices from: The Angelic, Ascended Masters, Elementals, Spirit Guidance, Realms Remote and Close at Hand. Drawing our strength and firmament from Chakra Systems, Color Spectrum, Meditative Practices, Chanting, Third Eye Guidance, Sound Vibration, Movement, Essences, Crystals and Stones. 


Wrapped up in the mix will be attunements, activations, epiphanies, proclamation, prophecy and channeled guidance. 

* Be prepared to receive channeling and guidance for yourself and your family and friends as everyone is stretched to expand and share their gifts. Learn how you can with ease of connection get the advice and confirmations that are essential in traversing the daily ins and outs of your life as well as to be in-tune deeply with your spiritual missives.

Bring your laughter and your tears. Leave with a trust in your own amazing ability to connect deeper and deeper and deeper to the divine...


$40 per class.  If Walking In- Cash/Check/Venmo at the door. 

Click here to charge in advance.


Or buy an 8 CLASS PASS for $240 that allows you to attend any 8 of Julie Ann's Channeling or Mediumship Classes Winter & Spring 2020.  Payments taken at the door. Cash/check.


Registrations for this class are done by emailing:





"I am currently enrolled in Julie Ann's Channeling class and loving it! She teaches through a mix of direct Channeling and inspiration. Class is always different and there are lots of chances to connect with the Divine energy using techniques such as guided meditation, chanting and connecting with crystals to name a few. All of these experiences are helping me find my own preferred way of connecting. In addition, the classroom channeling practice as well as the channeling homework are giving me opportunities to enter my channel stream again and again. I have really progressed from one who just wanted to believe I have a source of guidance to really knowing it and trusting and enjoying the connection! I still have lots to learn and experience but I look forward to continuing this journey with Julie Ann and my wonderful classmates!" Michael A-Harvard, MA 7/17

"I have loved being a part of Julie Ann's channeling class! Julie Ann is an amazing teacher. She is humble, kind and generous with her students in a truly refreshing way. She knows how to nudge you to try new things while making sure you feel supported. Each class is entirely unique with lots of channeled wisdom and meditations. I have grown in my confidence through this class and encourage anyone who is interested in learning how to tune in to their own guidance system to try it! " Heather M.
"Julie Ann's channeling class is amazing. I leave on a natural high full of excitement and awe. My connections have grown so much stronger and my life has improved because of it." Lynn Barry


"Julie Ann's channeling class is really appropriate for anyone who wants to channel spirit. The way Julie Ann works with everyone at different levels is amazing. She's able to give guidance to people who channel regularly and to someone who has never done it before. The class really allows you to open yourself up to deeper levels regardless of where you start. The exercises that she provides allows you to access new avenues to connect with spirit. If you focus and allow yourself to be an open channel you will be surprised what you come up with. Learning to channel is an excellent way to further deepen your mediumship and spiritual development at any level. Highly recommended!!" Mari Cartagenova


"I signed up for the class as a way to grow and expand my intuitive muscle. I was a bit nervous for my first class as I had no previous Channeling experience and it was my first visit to NH Metaphysical. Right from the beginning Julie Ann put me right at ease and the small intimate class size was perfect. The topics covered from week-to-week along with the lively interactive conversation and practice exercises makes me look forward to each class. It is comfortable to be in a class with like-minded people. Julie Ann is a wonderful teacher and a wealth of knowledge who provides me ongoing support. I am looking forward to her next session this summer." Elena P.


"The Channeling classes have enabled me to work through blocks l had been experiencing, opening the floodgates to higher guidance as a result.Julie Ann is a gifted channel and metaphysical teacher. You will come out of her classes feeling excited, empowered, confident and blessed! " Leigh Ann Bona







Julie Ann brings humor, comfort and joy to all who have been in sessions with her. Sessions incorporate her strengths as a Clairvoyant, Medium, Channel, Healer and Business Intuitive. Her Channeling Classes attract individuals from a wide geographic area who seek not only to hear her own Channeling but to learn to open up to their own Channel Connections as well.

She is the creator and director of New Hampshire Metaphysical where she maintains a busy Private Practice. She can also be found on a regular basis, holding sessions at Circles of Wisdom in Methuen MA

Julie Ann is also well known for her inspired Spiritual Business Coaching. A maverick of creativity, her popular workshops and webinars on Spiritual Business Building are viewed as portals to new horizons of both Spiritual and Financial Abundance. Julie Ann graduated from the Toronto based Strategic Coach Program and is herself a successful 4-time Entrepreneur who has motivated countless individuals start, grow and expand their Spiritual Businesses.

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