Psychic Development: Stoke Your Spiritual Fire!

February 8, 2020 (Saturday)  10 am - 5 pm   (Snow Date if needed: Saturday March 7, 2020)



All of us are born with psychic abilities. Some are just more aware than others. Many of us all of a sudden have feelings of sensing (Psychic Sensing) that are so strong they can be overwhelming at times.


                                      Would you like to understand and build upon them? 

Are you getting intuitive messages and wonder who or what is calling to you?

Do you have a curiosity if you have psychic gifts?

Are you getting intuitive messages and wonder who or what is calling to you?

Feeling your intuition 'kicking in' or 'kicking you'?

Is it hard to 'shut your left brain off' when you attempt to meditate?

Could it be that double and triple digit numbers keep showing up?

Does it feel like all of a sudden you have a heightened awareness of what is about to happen?

Perhaps vivid dreams have found their way into your sleep time?

Maybe you have always had a sense of 'knowing'...

Spend the day with Julie Ann and gain some clarity. Learn how to attract in and understand coincidences to help you sort out your life's challenges. This will be a fun and informative workshop with meditations, journeying, exercises and explanations. Leave this workshop with information/notes/handouts from your day as well as with take-aways. It's time to get Fired Up around your Spiritual Side. Be in awe of how understanding/development of and confidence around your Spiritual Side can bring deeper meaning and direction in your life!


Julie Ann generally reserves Psychic Development for clients who study privately with her. It is only occasionally that she opens up a class to share her particular way of galvanizing Psychic Sensing.  PERHAPS A PERFECT OPPORTUNITY FOR YOU TO REGISTER FOR THIS RARELY HELD WORKSHOP WITH HER!




Prep Private Session/Assessment (30% Discount off of Julie Ann's Private Session Rates)

You may choose to also invest in a Pre-Workshop Private 60 minute Prep Session/Assessment with Julie Ann.  This can be in person at New Hampshire Metaphysical OR on the phone OR in a Zoom Video call.  The Prep Session/Assessment will: 1) Allow Julie Ann to gauge how best to support you in the workshop. 2) help you to energize your intentions prior to the start of the workshop.  3) Assist Julie Ann to have specific moments in the workshop geared to your particular development.  60 minutes with Julie Ann are normally $160. Prep Session/Assessment is offered with a  30% ($50) discount for $110.  

You may also choose to partake in a 'Turbo Package'- Post Class Sessions available at 30 % off. No expiration date on these sessions.


Turbo Packages- Private Development Sessions (30% Discount off Julie Ann's Private Session Rates)

You may choose to invest in some Post-Workshop Private Sessions to further your development. Turbo packages are for people who know they wish to continue developing and would like private assistance/feedback/guidance/further training from Julie Ann.  These would be private sessions that focus on how you are utilizing the class material on a day to day basis.  They are a continuation and forward movement from the Group Classwork.


Discussions will entail around any difficulties/struggles you are having, new exercises are done with Julie Ann and you are assigned homework/exercises/study to move you forward.  Perhaps you are practicing on a regular basis not only with yourself but others and would find feedback from Julie Ann valuable.  You can also use this time for private session time around your personal life. New material/exercises/homework will be introduced to assist you in your work. People who continue on with some private session work after a workshop tend to find tremendous gains made due in part to the ongoing guidance and added direction from Julie Ann. These sessions can be in person at New Hampshire Metaphysical OR on the phone OR in a Zoom Video call.  3 Hour Turbo Package is $330.  5 Hour Turbo Package is $550.  7 Hour Turbo Package is $770. 10 Hour Turbo Package is $1100.  No expiration date on these sessions. They are scheduled according to your developmental pace and preference.


There are limited Seats to this workshop to ensure proper individual attention so early registration is recommended. Specifics on what you need to bring to class and particulars about the day will be sent to you once your paid registration has been received. If you have questions about the class just email Julie Ann directly:



Early Bird Registration (By December 15) Workshop Registration $150.  Click Here To Register 


Optional Choice Pre-Class Private Session Packages

Optional Workshop Prep/Assessment Session $110.  Click Here To Register 


Optional Private Session Choices Post-Class

Optional 3 Hour Turbo Package  $330. Click Here To Purchase

Optional 5 Hour Turbo Package $550  Click Here To Purchase

Optional 7 Hour Turbo Package $770  Click Here To Purchase

Optional 10 Hour Turbo Package $1100  Click Here To Purchase


 Workshop Registration (December 16 on) $175. Click Here To Register





"Wow! What an eyeopener. For so long I have been doing things in exactly the same way. Feeling stuck was where I walked into your Class. Thank you for the tools that are now enabling me to stretch further in my connections. The confidence I need is starting to peak in" - Kevin


" I want to thank you for putting together the class . You have so much insight to pass along. I learned so much about myself, my Mediumship Abilities and how I was holding myself back. Now that I know how to "ease into" my connections easily and keep my "thinking brain" out of the way, the ease and strength of my ability to connect is wonderful. Looking forward to much more learning with you and the Class. Thanks so much!" - Ann


" I am about to start my 4th class with Julie Ann. I've enjoyed each one more than the last. She provides great resources and the exercises she gives are insightful. I've really enjoyed learning and experiencing all the different ways there are to connect with spirit. Best of all, Julie Ann will be your biggest champion." - Maureen


"First I would like to say that Julie Ann is a wonderful very patient, very kind, giving intuitive, encouraging and just a joy to be around. I have to preface this by saying that I am new to channeling and at the moment really working on my own intuitive skills they do seem to be coming along and Julie Ann has given a plethora of tips and tricks to get in stream and receive. I highly recommend anyone to take her classes.Everyone who took part in the recent series was very encouraging and helpful and a joy to participate with." - De




About Julie Ann Gadziala

 Julie Ann Gadziala holds strengths as a Clairvoyant, Medium, Channel, Healer and Business Intuitive.   Her channeling classes attract individuals from a wide geographic area who seek not only to hear her own Channeling but to learn to open up to their own Channeling connections as well. She is an inspired teacher who has a knack for firing up each person's Spiritual furnace. Julie Ann is well know for utilizing her own intuitive sensing to assist countless individuals gain strength in their Psychic, Mediumship or Channeling abilities. She brings humor, healing, comfort, joy and forward motion to her students as well as to all who have been in session with her.  A maverick of creativity, her popular workshops on Spiritual Business Building are viewed for many as portals to new horizons of both Spiritual and Financial Abundance. She is the Creator and Director of New Hampshire Metaphysical  in Londonderry NH where you can find her holding private sessions as well as teaching. You may also find her holding sessions and teaching at Circles of Wisdom in Methuen MA.  

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