Psychic Crime Solver Workshop with Genevieve Hackett

January, 11, 2019 (Saturday) 1 pm - 5 pm

In this very intense workshop, you will review actual cases pulled from around the world.
You will step way outside of your comfort zone, looking at aspects of humanity that can be deeply troubling, sometimes amusing, always filled with electricity!

Learn how to
• “Leave it at the office”
• Deliver news that is troubling
• Manage information
• Remote Viewing
• Deal with being completely wrong
• Work with Law Enforcement

Participate in case exercises, experience role playing activities, utilize psychometry to “solve” a case. Practice some of the most difficult mediumship readings and the most surprising.

Cost for workshop is $222

Payment options are Pay in full: CLICK HERE 



Choose to use a payment plan. (Please contact Genevieve for links)

**This is not an easy class and the content can be quite heavy at times. Please use discretion when deciding if this is the right group for you. **


Genevieve Hackett and other psychic mediums are often sought out by families and friends of those who have suffered at the hands of another or are missing.  She has worked on many different types of cases from missing persons and animals to lost jewelry to rape and homicide.  She has worked with various law enforcement agencies and has worked remotely and on scene after it was cleared from all forensic evidence gathering.  

Genevieve has organized a 'Team' of psychics who review cases and offer insight.  Although no psychic is correct 100% of the time, Genevieve offers her help with integrity and a gentle kindness.  Genevieve and her team will be honest with what they see or feel or hear in your case.   


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