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" Being featured on Julie Ann’s website is a blessing. It has given me the ability to connect and support clients from both New Hampshire and Massachusetts. I have made many connections being featured on Julie Ann’s site. It is such a great resource for clients to find exactly who they would like to work with to support and facilitate their healing needs. Julie Ann is one bright light and the energy of her website attracts so many. I look forward continuing to be a featured practitioner for NH Metaphysical. "


Love and Light, Amber  

Find the joy in accessing wisdom from a variety of  practitioners.  Like facets on a diamond, knowledge is conveyed brightly from many angles. Use your discernment and your own intuition as your guide.

Featured Practitioners

Julie Ann Gadziala

Psychic Medium, Channeler, Business & Employment Intuitive, Spiritual Coach

Julie Ann Gadziala is a gifted Psychic Medium, Channeler, Spiritual Guide and Spiritual Business Coach. Spend 15 minutes or up to 90 minutes in a private session.  Phone, Skype, FaceTime or Zoom. You may also schedule a Remote Group Gallery where you sit with 4-6 of your friends Sessions:

Remote at the moment due to Social Distancing.

Book Appointments Here

Rich Dawe aka "The Woo Woo Dude"

Psychic Medium, Shamanic Teacher, Healer

With great humor, love & compassion Rich is able to easily access connections and information via Psychic Mediumship capabilities. Experience the 'shock and awe' in your private Mediumship Session as Rich brings names and details of your loved one fully into focus.

Phone and Skype Sessions

Book Here


Genevieve Hackett

International Psychic Medium, Intuitive Tarot Reader, Reiki Master, IET Practitioner, Teacher, Founder of Central Mass Serenity

Genevieve Hackett and is an international Psychic Medium, Intuitive Tarot Reader, Reiki Master, IET Practitioner, Teacher, and the Founder  of Central Mass Serenity.  Her goals are to ensure that all have access to what she does, to reach as many people as possible and to bring an awareness of alternative spiritual practices.

Templeton, MA

(978) 798-2491

Dr. Kevin Ross Emery

Psychic, medium, medical intuitive, trance channel, Spiritual Catalyst, past life channel, Spiritual Coach & Counselor, Business Catalyst, ADD/ADHD expert

Dr. Kevin has been a conscious intuitive since the age of four and a professional intuitive since the 1970’s.  He is a best-selling author , with over a dozen books, as well as CD’s and DVD on the market, an international award winning speaker and teacher He is available in person, by phone and by Zoom/or Skype.   He is also radio & TV host.



New Hampshire Metaphysical in Londonderry

Leapin Lizards in Portland, Maine

Home Office in Nashua, NH



Mary Beth (MB) Gustitus

Reiki Sessions & Life Coaching

Treat yourself to a beautiful private Reiki or Life Coaching  session with MB. You may wish to schedule a session for relaxation, stress reduction, symptom relief, or for efforts to improve overall health and well-being. During your 30 or 60 minute session, MB will chat first about health/life concerns, set intentions and you may also receive intuitive guidance from her. Then she will gently guide Reiki energy through your chakras, naturally restoring and balancing you. If you are looking for life direction/guidance or just an overall boost on your current life path, consider booking a either a solo Life Coaching Session or a combination Reiki / Life Coaching Session with MB.


Book your session with MB at her private office in Londonderry NH.

All sessions will adhere to current  protective guidelines.

You will need to wear a mask as will MB.


Kara Gallagher

Intuitive Channel, Akashic Records, Oracle Card Readings and Classes, Spiritual Coach

Kara is an intuitive channel, oracle card reader and teacher, Akashic record reader, and spiritual coach. She has a unique method of written readings for her clients that they can keep and refer back to when needed. She offers in depth coaching services to help her clients achieve their own practice of connecting with Spirit and tapping into their own intuition for their own path and direction. She specializes in an eclectic use of Ascended Masters, Angels, Goddesses, Mother Earth and nature to help her clients find their own method to connect. Kara is Reiki trained and uses this training to bless and strengthen the words she delivers to her clients.
Instagram: @karagallagherhealer


Mari Cartagenova

Mediumship, Intuitive Psychic Readings, Animal Communicator, Tarot reader, Finder of Lost Pets

Mari Cartagenova is an Internationally known Psychic Medium, Animal Communicator and best selling Author with clients from all over the globe. She specializes in heartfelt messages from both passed loved ones and living or passed animals. 


Mari is a Certified double tested Psychic on Best American Psychics and has won numerous awards including Fabulous Feedback award winner and Best Featured Psychic 2019 & 2018

When you sit with Mari you can really feel the presence of your loved one.  Her connections offer specific detail and leave you feeling both at peace and uplifted at the same time. Mari has trained with the top mediums from all over the world including Tony Stockwell, John Holland, Lisa Williams, James Van Praagh, Thomas John and and Lauren Rainbow. 

Recent feedback from a session:


I am still in amazement at your reading. Floored actually. Your reading has lifted so much pain from my broken heart and I feel so much unbelievable hope suddenly knowing I can still connect with her- now I truly believe she is still with me thanks to you.  What a gift you are. 



Tranquility Wellness Center in Westford, MA

And New Hampshire Metaphysical Londonderry, NH




Amber D. McMahon

Karma Queen Reiki & Guidance, M.Ed.,L MHC., Reiki Master, Spiritual Energy Healer, Intuitive Spiritual Counselor, Spiritual Medium, Licensed Therapist

Amber is a life long intuitive and sensitive trained as a psychotherapist.Amber is a Reiki Master/Reiki Master Teacher under the Usui Lineage, Mindset Empowerment Coach, Spiritual Energy Healer, Spiritual Medium, and Licensed Therapist in the state of Massachusetts. Amber has been blessed with the capability to help countless numbers of individuals overcome obstacles, succeed in new directions, and heal on a variety of levels. It is a sheer joy for Amber to be able to combine all of her disciplines together to work with people so that they can thrive, and succeed. It is Amber's passion to work with a wide variety of people and bring much comfort and forward healing. The people who know Amber best consider her to be spiritual, caring, no nonsense, focused, and a consistent guide. Amber starts each day with gratitude and meditation so that she is able to support her clients in manifesting and achieving  their souls desires. The most sought out appointment is Ambers combination of Reiki with coaching and guidance.







Ginger Hendry

Animal Communicator, Psychic Intuitive, Akashic Record Practitioner

Ginger offers Animal Communication readings to clients delivering the messages that the animals, whether here or on the other side, want to share with their loved ones.  In her Intuitive Readings, she connects to Spirit to give clarity and insight on life situations her clients may be currently be working though.  Ginger also offers Soul Realignment® readings working in the Akashic Records to help clients understand their soul’s gifts and purpose and identifying any blocks that may be in place, holding them back from living a more authentic life.  When doing any reading, Ginger is all about helping her clients feel empowered. Her style is both warm and direct so that people often feel they are talking with a good friend. 

Ginger offers 15, 30- and 55-minute Animal Communication and Intuitive readings via phone or Zoom. 

To schedule a reading with Ginger please visit her at:
(978) 203-2833


Geri Karabin

Animal Communicator, Psychic Medium, Intuitive Life Coach

Geri offers Animal Communication readings for animals both alive and crossed, as well as Intuitive Life Coaching sessions…with a Law of Attraction twist…and Mediumship readings for humans. To her, it all comes down to helping her clients learn, grow, heal, and ultimately become the best versions of themselves. Geri is so excited when she delivers the messages she receives from both animals and Spirit and those messages cause a client to have that ‘a-ha!’ moment. She loves getting to know people and putting them at ease while holding space, supporting, and helping them understand the information she’s receiving on their behalf so they can move forward in amazing ways.

Geri conducts her sessions via phone or Zoom. To schedule your session, visit Geri’s website:


Nancy Smith

Psychic Medium, Spirit Artist, Akashic Record Practitioner, & Healer

Tested and Certified by Shay Parker's Best American Psychics

Listed as a reputable and legitimate Psychic Medium in Bob Olson's Best Psychic Directory


"Through readings, lectures and classes, in partnership with Spirit, I teach people how to connect with the higher, loving essence of Spirit. Through facilitating a connection with their loved one in spirit, spiritual healing is inevitable, opening us up to see, feel and create a life of love and joy and peace."  You can find me holding Mediumship Sessions  which include a Spirit Drawing; Akashic Soul and Life Readings; Psychic, Angel and Tarot Sessions as well as Reiki and Spiritual Healing Sessions. Find your way to my classes at a variety of locations in New England including New Hampshire Metaphysical." Check the New Hampshire Metaphysical Calendar for a listing of Nancy's Mediumship Galleries and Classes.


Remote and In Person Sessions. Visit Nancy's website to schedule your appointment and view her class list.


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Jodi Blase

Grateful recovering food addict, author, reiki master, akashic records advanced practitioner, written and conscious spoken channel, and intuitive medium

Take a breath, you’re here for a reason! Your journey isn’t something that you don’t know, it’s just something you forgot to remember. Whether by a reiki session, akashic reading or a channel/intuitive session, I can help you discover the intuition that is naturally and uniquely yours. It’s time to say goodbye to feeling frazzled and hello to feeling centered, relaxed, and energetically lighter!

Book here: (self-booking website)

Phone and Virtual Sessions via Duo & Skype / Facebook / Instagram / Amazon

Anne Russo-Quinn

Astrologer, Tarot Reader, and Intuitive Psychic

Anne is an astrologer and tarot reader of over 25 years and intuitive psychic since childhood.  Let her show you how to navigate the stars and consult the tarot to find love, achieve success, and help you reach your full potential. Using astrology as your guide, you can navigate the influences of the planets and stars as they relate to your unique astrological birth chart, enabling you to make the most of your life by taking advantage of the wonderful opportunities that are all around you. Consulting the tarot, Anne can provide you with the insight and understanding that will empower you to make informed choices about any area of your life and to help you to find your true path to happiness and abundance.

Astrology by Anne


Alissa Dillon

Inuitive Psychic Medium

Alissa Dillon has been trained in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and most recently at the Arthur Findlay College of Psychic Sciences in Stanstead, England. 


She has been a mental health therapist for over 15 years and has used her intuition to assist her patients in their healing journeys. She is now able to incorporate her psychic and medium skills with her patients to assist in grief and trying to decipher one’s life path.  


Sessions are available by phone, in person, or by hosting a party.  


Alissa enjoys bringing closure or messages to people who are grieving and having difficulty moving forward. Her readings allow the client to have more clarity about their loved ones or their own lives.

(978) 857-6549

Kingston, NH

Lana Louise Silva

Psychic, Intuitive Medium, Teacher, Spiritual Counselor/Mentor Reiki Practitioner , Intuitive Tarot cards, Psychometry

Lana’s amazing gift of communicating with the deceased is unparalleled, as she brings through messages, validations and specific details from the spirits of those who have crossed over, proving that the soul lives on after death. Lana Louise has won the confidence of skeptics and believers alike. With over a decade of reading professionally, she has helped thousands of people deal with the grief of losing loved ones by bringing through validations, evidential information and beautiful messages which heal and bring a sense of peace. Her gentle and direct delivery has earned her great recognition, along with a clientele that spans the globe. 


Remote and In Person Sessions, Private events:

Lana Louise Silva   

Laurie Perkins

Psychic Medium, Certified Animal Communicator, Oracle Card Reader

Laurie was born psychic and has been aware of the other side since birth. During a reading, she receives psychic impressions from the higher realms. This allows her to see future events and communicate with those who have passed (loved ones and beloved pets). She also can offer insight into current life situations.  All information is provided through the eyes of love and compassion. Her ideal is to help those who sit before her grow in their understanding of themselves and the world they have created for themselves. All readings are for the best and highest good.


In addition to working with people, she also can communicate with pets (alive or in spirit). A reading for your pets can provide insight into puzzling behaviors or unspoken needs. This can go a long way in the life of your pets and help you to appreciate their point of view.

She has also used her gifts to assist the police in cold cases.


To book a private session with Laurie:


Renee Walsh

Destiny Card Readings and Healing Sessions

Experience with joy and amazement what insight a Destiny Card reading has in store for you. A Destiny Reading is your personal story, an opportunity to provide you with amazing insight and a greater understanding of your own spiritual growth and the choices and challenges you have set before you. A wonderful tool for self-development!


Andover, MA

Denise Rees

Physic Medium, Holy Fire Reiki Master

To sit with Denise is most profound. In her soft and gentle way. She deeply connects with the spirit realm.  She is heart centered and her connections will bring tears to your eyes with their depth and sincerity. She’s also often able to connect in a way, physically in trance, where it is almost as if the person is sitting with you. It is a rare treat to sit with Denise. She is not often available. And if you could see her don’t miss it. Don’t let it pass you by.

To schedule a Session with Denise you can email:  or call: 603-289-4890

Laura Shanahan, M.A.

Certified Advanced Akashic Records Practitioner, Usui Reiki Level II, Intuitive Card Reader,Teacher

Laura offers intuitive card readings that combine the practical with the whimsical. With Laura you can explore, learn, and understand more of life’s questions and opportunities that are presented to you. She uses several card decks that probe and guide you towards answers and possibilities. In addition to her gifts as an intuitive card reader, she is an Advanced Akashic Practitioner ready to explore your soul’s purpose and pathways.  Consider expanding your knowledge of who you are as well as your capabilities of what you can accomplish in this lifetime with Laura.

For further information, please contact Laura at:


Shamanic Distance Healing, Self Care and Meditation Coaching, Mantra Healing, Dreamwork, Reiki, Yoga

Shanti draws upon eons of alchemical healing wisdom to help you process and release the core personal, ancestral or planetary issues that may be causing you to feel blocked, anxious or stressed—initiating a deep shift that reconnects you with your own celestial nature. On a practical level, her work is firmly grounded in reality and finding empowering solutions in the here and now.


A distance healing session with Shanti is deeply relaxing and nourishing.

Email  or schedule directly via 


Free 30-minute consultation for new clients.


For more information:

Nicole Calton


Offering you transformation, healing, and accelerated abundance
NH Licensed Psychotherapist, National Guild of Hypnotist -Certified Hypnotherapist, Advanced Regression Practitioner, Empowerment Coach, Feminine Mentor, Social Advocate, and mother of three. Nicole has published several wellness articles, developed non-profit programs, and has worked in the human services field for over 20 years. She is catalyst in reactivating and realigning people into their highest potential. Her therapeutic modalities include helping people remove their subconscious blocks so they can manifest their goals and accelerate the law of attraction. Services include weight loss, quit smoking, overcoming anxieties and phobias, getting better sleep, stress reduction, increased motivation, performance improvement in all life arenas, raising your vibrations, improve confidence, become magnetically attractive, accelerating the law of attraction, meeting your spirit guides, past life regressions, and SO MUCH MORE. She also offers Empowerment Coaching for women whom need support in navigating difficult decisions, managing transitions, and finding their voice. Nicole ignites your inner goddess.


Available for in-person, phone, and virtual consultations

Root Up 27 S. State St. Concord, NH 03301
FB -Eos Hypnotherapy
Root Up

603-787-3151 call or text!

David B.

Psychic Medium, Tarot Card Reader & Hypnotist

Take  your soul on an uplifting journey. Find out what the cards have in store for you. Connect with your loved ones in spirit.   Book a scrying session to get more detailed information about your path. Or perhaps a psychic intuitive reading to explore the journey you're on and how to improve/change your direction. Hypnosis sessions can be healing as well as insightful. 



On the phone or in private sessions and home parties in your home. 

Or hold your session at New Hampshire Metaphysical as well.


Book your session on David's website: 


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