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Nancy Smith

Psychic Medium, Spirit Artist, Akashic Record Practitioner, & Healer

Nancy Smith is a gifted psychic medium who helps people connect to loved ones who have transitioned to “the other side” as well as spirit guides and other energies who have a message for them. Nancy sees her job as a psychic medium is not only to help people to connect with their loved ones, but also support them to follow their own spiritual journey.

Nancy's Book Divine Love Affair: An Akashic Journey is a guide for building a Spiritual practice to live your Soul's Dream. Your Soul created a plan for you before you were born, and this plan includes adventures, relationships, learning, exploring and growing. Most of all your Soul wants you to experience Divine Love in your life.

In this book you will find meditations, visualizations and exercises to help you uncover the mystery of YOU!

Special offer: buy the print or ebook on Amazon and email me: with your receipt for a free 15 minute reading! Click here to buy on Amazon

During these readings, Nancy opens herself to the spirit to receive all that he or she has to say, communicating this information to you. In order for Nancy to stay focused on the spirit, keep your questions clear and simple. Once the identity is understood as clearly as it can be, Nancy opens to the communicator for a message as to why this spirit has come forward to talk to you.

As a medium, Nancy delivers the messages of love from Spirit through her artwork. As she connects with Spirit, Nancy is able to draw the likeness of the communicating Spirit.

Here are a couple of examples of spirit portraits by Nancy. The actual photographs of the individuals she sketched during her Mediumship sessions were sent to her after she gave her clients the sketches.  Nancy did not see photos of these people before the reading.

Testimonial from one of Nancy's clients:


"About a year ago my siblings and myself did a TV show called 'Hoarding Buried Alive' after my mom passed very quickly... we had a medium on the show but i still felt some things were left unsaid. I booked my appointment with Nancy. I consulted the medium we used on the show. I wanted to know if there was anything I could do, wear, bring to make sure it was my mom, her reply was 'your mom said she is sending your great-grandmother.'”

Cindy and her daughter Susan came for a reading. They were both grieving for the loss of someone close to them. I did not know who they wished me to connect with. I brought Cindy’s sister in at first but soon after the reading a vision of a woman came to me wearing a scarf. She turned out to be Cindy’s daughter.

Susan wrote: “Thanks again for yesterday.  I’ve attached a few photos of my sister with her scarf on to compare to the drawing.  My mom & I were both very satisfied with the reading, her especially.  I made the appointment after she opened up to me about questioning her faith …Well, you delivered in a big way.  It is exactly what she needed to hear…I will be recommending you to people I know and will probably be back for my own reading.”

During a reading I described Tony’s matriarchal grandmother very specifically. I drew a masculine face, much to my chagrin. Tony told me that was his uncle. He later brought me pictures of his grandmother and uncle. We were amazed. Tony had recognized his uncle with only the drawing to look at!!

I read for Lisa over the phone. I brought in her son Nathan, who passed young and tragically. She sent me this photo after I sent her the drawing made with spirit.

Lana’s mom came through in a phone reading. Here is the drawing and photos.

In memory of Zach. If you cover half of the face (the right side) and view the left half of the face, you will see a clear likeness of Zack. Cover the left side of the face and you will see another face. A second spirit was coming through this reading, later confirmed to be Zach’s grandfather. Zach’s mom was comforted to know Zach was with his grandfather in heaven.


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