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Mahealani Nakoa

Energy Healer, Spiritual Life Coach
Owner of Simple, Easy, Fun Healing

Mahealani is descended from a long line of Hawaiian Healers and has been studying the spiritual arts since she was a child.  Growing up in Hawaii she was surrounded by many Hawaiian and Chinese mystics.  She is schooled in the Barbara Brennan Healing Arts and The Berkley Psychic Institute Techniques, among many other methods and modalities.

“Mahea is powerfully gifted, honest and intuitive.  In my experience with her she listens very well and approaches healing with a full spectrum of skills.  I appreciate how she is able to relate to me as she is guiding me to understanding the depth of who I really am.  My sessions with her have been very therapeutic and have given me a deeper sense of balance and wellness.”  – G.K. (Honolulu, Hawaii)

The name Mahealani is most commonly used by today’s Native Hawaiians in reference to the Full Moon. However, the symbolic meaning of this name goes back much further. The full moon, which was a signal during planting season to create, take seed and fertilize the new crops, became synonymous with the healing philosophies that were studied by Hawaiians of ancient times.

Metaphorically, Mahealani means “From out of the Darkness, came the Light” which alludes to the light force that energetic healers harness to heal those who seek their help. It also describes that for transformation to take place, light is needed to illuminate the darkness; in other words knowledge and awareness of yourself brings light to the shadows of your mind.

Carrying on this tradition of bringing light or knowledge to the surface, it is the modalities of self-love and discovery which are at the heart of her practice.

Session Locations:
In-Person – New Hampshire Metaphysical and Honolulu, HI
Phone/Skype – throughout the U.S. 

Reasons to Visit:
Women Empowerment:  How to Function in a modern world and still have time for yourself
Learn about your energy field and how to use it
Career and/or Relationship challenges
Improve your communication
Clarity on Life Purpose
Health Issues 
Energy Balance or Clearing
Just wants to have more in life and to have some fun!


To book a session with Mahealani:
(603) 289-7499



 “Mahea is AHHHHHMAZZING!! I have worked with her for about a year and a half. She hits the nail on the head each and every time! Mahea is truly talented in what she does and has helped me move forward in areas of my life that I was stuck. I highly encourage anyone looking to remove past and make stride in growing forward to have a session with Mahea ASAP!!!”  – M.L. (Kaneohe, Hawaii)

“Mahea was so accommodating and easy to work with. Everything was explained thoroughly and it was easy to understand. Mahea is very friendly and warm. 10/10, would do again.”  – J.O. (Honolulu, Hawaii)

“Mahea Nakoa is a blessing in my life. I was fortunate to meet her about a year ago and her loving presence & the impact she has had in my life is remarkable. Her unassuming, authenticity makes it easy to talk to her, share & trust. Mahea has a vast knowledge base about spirituality and healing. She is able to quickly determine what's important and brings forth things that are surprising and on track. She teaches in a way that makes complex concepts easy to understand. I'm able to work with tools she's taught me on a daily basis and work them into my life easily. She has a gift of making me feel truly appreciated & that I have gifts to offer as well.” – P.A. (Honolulu, Hawaii)

“I have done sessions with Mahea and it has been so beneficial for my life. Prior to meeting Mahea, I would always hit a point that I would feel drained and lethargic. This would affect my production at work and connection with my family. I’ve applied the techniques that I’ve learned from Mahea and it’s improved the way I feel, which greatly impacted my relationships with my husband and children. Mahea’s intuition, knowledge, and ability to connect to others is inspiring and the way she explains the concepts and techniques make it easy to learn and apply them to your life.” – J.M. (Honolulu, Hawaii)
“I have had in person and over the phone sessions with Mahealani and it has been an amazing experience.  My energy has been renewed and aligned.  My energy & thoughts have been put into a great perspective with who I Am.  I cannot wait to talk with Mahea again!! Much Love!” – J.L. (Kaneohe, Hawaii)


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