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Lynn Barry


Holy Fire Reiki Master/Teacher/Practitioner, Advanced Akashic Practitioner, Tarot Card Intuitive

Lynn’ Barry’s nursing knowledge increases her ability to heal the body.  She is a kind, compassionate, empathic healer with keen insight.  Her services include Akashic Record/Tarot readings, individual/group healing meditations, individual/animal Holy Fire Reiki sessions among other modalities.

Through the Akashic Records she will provide you with the information received from your soul’s perspective to help you in understanding more about yourself.

The Holy Fire services will give you empowerment. You will be refreshed, revitalized, calm and balanced.

Her goal is to help you improve your life.  These services will assist your spiritual journey,  personal understanding, growth, healing and foster change.



“My 35+ years of nursing experience has provided me with the knowledge and the understanding of an individual’s physical and emotional needs.  My spiritual work completes the holistic wellness circle for balance of body, mind and spirit.

Akashic Record sessions provide information to help you grow and improve yourself in this lifetime by accessing your soul's truth.  Learn why you continue to hold patterns that affect your life in negative ways or what your fears are about.  Akashic record sessions can help you to become aware of many things that hinder your abilities to move forward.  Your Masters, Teachers and Loved ones will assist you with providing knowledge and information that will help you to find the answers that can be life changing. 

Akashic Tarot post session will give confirmation and the guidance you need going forward.  My Healing/Reiki sessions leave the client with feelings of well being and tranquility.  Emotional issues or blockages that hold us back can be released.  By promoting  balance and repair of the energetic layer that surround the body the physical body has the ability to self heal and improve. Those who are searching for truth, peace and transformation will benefit from my services.” - Lynn


“I have had 2 Healing Meditations with Lynn Barry and both times have exceeded my expectations about helping me go deep to a place to find answers for myself.
The first Healing Meditation she did with me - uncovered a memory that has shaped many negative self doubting emotions - going to that place allowed me to heal and understand why I do what I do.

A few months later feeling uneasy and feeling there was more that was buried deep -
I made another appointment with Lynn and again -
I figured a couple things out
And was able to understand and move past it...
Lynn is very intuitive and kind and warm.  She makes you feel comfortable and helps you to understand our connection to the energy and the metaphysical...
I have recommended Lynn to several friends !”

Aly LeBel ~ Isagenix Independent Consultant 



“I have been fighting cancer for several years and the most help, pain  relief and mindful rest I've had is from Lynn when she does  Reiki or gives me a healing session.  I have trouble sleeping and have had severe burns from radiation and many other complications from treatment.  Lynn has been instrumental in my healing . Without her I have no idea how I would have gotten through this trying time in my life.  Lynn is very calming to me and I will continue to have regular sessions with her.” Judy Kerns



“Lynn Barry is a gifted healer, her kindness and understanding of the needs of her clients is apparent from the moment you meet. You will leave her with a renewed sense  of self.  I am most grateful for this experience and can’t wait for the next. “Chrissy M. 


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