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Leslie Hoffman

Angelic Channel, Spirit Medium, Psychic & Animal Intuitive

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About Leslie:


Leslie is often called the "Dr. Seuss" of channeling.

She has the rare gift of being able to channel a group of Angels through which they will give you messages to help with decision making, healing, closure, validation and guidance. It is life affirming, inspiring and reassuring. Spoken or written, the channels come in the form of rhyming prose. Be prepared to be amazed and possibly shed a tear or two.

A personal written channel from Leslie makes a beautiful gift of love and light.

She is a Spirit Medium, bringing crossed over loved ones to you for heart healing, laughter and love and is a Psychic for guidance and intuitive counseling for you or your loved ones.

Gifted with being an Animal Intuitive and Communicator for those creatures living and crossed that we love so much. Leslie is the official Animal Intuitive for Friends for Animals Sanctuary in Cocoa, Fl.  She and Jessie the donkey are fast friends!

Leslie is a certified Oracle Guide having studied under internationally known Oracle card master Colette Baron-Reid and is a mentor in CBR’s Oracle School.

Certified in Angel Card readings by Angel expert  Kyle Gray.

Leslie firmly believes her purpose is:

To help soothe the heart
To help ease the mind
To help the Soul regain


Providing private and group sessions in person, by phone and email. Leslie has clients in New York, throughout New England, down the East Coast and into Florida. She does many holistic, health and psychic events, as well as lectures and teachings in both New Hampshire and Florida along with many other places in her travels. You can also find her at New Hampshire Metaphysical holding Private Sessions and reading at Psychic Message Circles nights. Several times a year she participates in the Union Of Channelers Events at Circles of Wisdom in Andover MA.

Leslie has been an intuitive since childhood. Her Grandmother in Spirit always seemed to be there to help her find lost things, funny as that sounds. From seeing Spirit, hearing Spirit, getting tapped on the shoulder by Spirit, to even having her crossed over childhood dog sit with her in times of illness, she knew of the “other side”. When her sister crossed over, she decided it was time to spread her own wings and use her abilities for the good of others. Between Leslie, her Angel Crew, her sister and Grandma, they are a formidable team.



I am in awe of Leslie's gift. The first time we met her, she asked if we were going to Florida. We were leaving in 10 days and would be in Florida.  Her beautiful words in an Angel channel gave me comfort after many years of struggling. Should I do what is expected or stick with the choices I have made that protect my heart? Was I making choices that the angels would approve of or would my choices be a disappointment. I am now not only at peace, but my heart is full and I will continue moving forward as they said to do. Leslie is caring and fun.   Melissa Gendron     Manchester   N.H

WOW.....What an experience yesterday!!!     Karen Frost    Titusville, FL

Love the way Leslie channels, like a rock star and Dr. Seuss combined. I swear there was a point in which the sing - song cadence went away and just the message was coming through to me.  Loved it. She's pretty fabulous too. Robin S   N.H

I have actually told everyone about you. The next days that followed were unbelievable. Hard to put into words, but here is my best: I felt positive, happy, safe, grateful, hopeful, empowered and energized.  Good things happened that week.  And, anything slightly bad rolled off.  The words you spoke on behalf of the angel and spirit guides were so on point, uplifting and stayed with me for days.    Judith Jacoby    Orlando, FL

Your angel reading was amazing!  I was just blown away by the rhythm and rhyme and contents of the angel message.  Liza Stevens    Alton, N.H

Your reading was an amazing experience and helped me to reclaim some of my power that I had lost which was very helpful and healing.  Thank you so much!  I was amazed at how clearly you described my house and all the things about my grandmother from way back in my childhood.....I think that was Gram's way of showing me that you are for real and that there really is a connection to heaven and earth and our loved ones are still with us and we can connect to them.   Melissa          Warrensburg, N.Y

Dear Leslie,   This message has great meaning to me and is the most wonderful Thanksgiving gift I have ever received. My mom was sending a message to me, through you, in her unique style. Thank you for using your remarkable gift to help me with a lifelong query.         Joan Evans       Cocoa Beach, Florida

Hi Leslie – thank you!  I was very happy to hear from my dad and the memories of watching the Wizard of Oz with him – brings back so many wonderful memories – I miss him so much every day!  He was my best friend!  My mottos are “one day at a time” and “things happen for a reason”.  I know my time to shine is coming and I cannot wait to see what is in store for me!         Deb Brothers     N.H

Leslie.   I was stunned when I went to Mark's widow's house for a visit yesterday and noticed the long white picket fence in her yard with planted flowers all along it. Just as you described with Several black eyed Susan's and I believe the large beautiful flowers you drew for me which I've never seen before. I think we're both going to be doing a lot more gardening to help us relax and will try to have faith my dear son Jeffrey will be ok.  Thank you.          Debbie Graves   Alton, N.H

Thank you Leslie, and those in Spirit who gave this to you!  I was saving it to read on Saturday but I was awaken at 2:30 am and knew I had to get up and look. Funny how they keyed in on letting me know they are by my side. I have always felt very alone in life, not often feeling any presence or protection. I know they are there with me, but very quiet. So I read the channel with tears the whole time. Thank you. I will put this up on my wall and read it often.                 Karen Pico     Melbourne, Florida

Thank you Leslie...that was my grandfather Poppa... he was my life until he passed away in 1985. He was in a wheelchair all of my life but he was head and shoulders above all others. Thank you for this. I never expected him but it's a beautiful unexpected gift. Thank you      Sonja Klykken       Diamond Point, N.Y

It was so much fun sitting down with you and I enjoyed connecting through you to the angels! You brought many thoughts to the forefront in our sitting which are both happy and tough thoughts. Thank you so much for the in person reading and for the rhythmic advice from your angel crew! They are truly wise words that bring forward the inner light and center you mention! I am so glad I have some of their wisdom written out for me to look at and read.        Helene D    Baltimore, MD

I printed and framed your beautiful Channel for me! I just love it and it gives me courage every time I look at it in my room. Thank you again!     Christine Netishen     Merrimack, N.H

I had not been to anyone like you before but i love it and love you.      Cindy Tyler    Hudson, N.H

Leslie,   I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful conversation. I told B the message and went into detail about what was said. He really felt at peace and said his Gramps had always told him to “mind your manners” and joked around about spit shining his shoes. You said he has a pair of Gramp’s shoes. B has a pair of Gramp’s shoes that he keeps in a safe. I had no idea until last night.        Kristin Sirp       Merritt Island, Florida


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