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Laura Haley

Holistic Practitioner & Teacher

How Energy Healing Can Help You

Because of our life experiences and our emotions, we all carry imprints in our energy field that can affect our health and happiness. These imprints influence how we perceive the world and how others perceive us, basically impacting all aspects of life. Long held traumatic energetic imprints eventually lead to illness.  In Laura’s practice, she uses a combination of therapies to customize a session based on your personal needs. 

  • IET is ideal for getting to the root of any problem (physical, emotional, mental, life crisis). It releases the energetic effects of emotions, traumas, and limiting thoughts and beliefs and then empowers you by imprinting your energy field with the opposite of whatever was released. This allows you to be your best possible self.  It is truly life changing!

  • Reiki is great for keeping your energy centers (chakras) in balance and treating physical issues. Reiki is an ancient form of Eastern medicine that has made its way into traditional medicine. It is commonly offered in hospitals and recommended by doctors to treat a multitude of issues.

  • The BioMat detoxifies the cells of your body and works on your energy field simultaneously.  It works on your whole body while I work on you!

Sessions are offered either in-person or remotely (you can be anywhere!).  To schedule a session, please visit Laura’s website.

Empower Yourself through Learning

Laura’s classes are perfect for students of all levels and are designed to help you reach your full potential. She provides a safe and supportive atmosphere where everyone feels comfortable and has fun!

  • Integrated Energy Therapy® (IET) Certification Classes

    • Learn a powerful energy healing modality and manifestation techniques as you accelerate your spiritual growth. CEUs are available for massage therapists and health professionals.

  • Angel Connection Workshops

    • Learn to energetically connect with angels and receive guidance and healing in all areas of your life. Truly anyone can do this!

  • Infinite Possibilities

    • Yes, you can have it all! Learn the art of living the life of your dreams. Laura is certified to teach Mike Dooley’s Infinite Possibilities course, and also offers other workshops on the topic of manifestation.

  • Meditation

    • For relaxation or spiritual growth, Laura offers two meditation series.

Learn more about Laura’s class offering on her website.

What Clients and Students are Saying


"I took all three levels of IET training with Laura and it has been life changing."

"Laura is a kind and compassionate instructor with remarkable interpersonal skills and the patience of a saint."

"The end of each class seemed to come far too quickly, and I couldn't wait to take the next one."

"Thanks to taking IET classes with Laura, I've made great strides in a very short period of time on issues I've previously spent a lot of time and money attempting to resolve"

 "Laura's passion for teaching is beyond words, you will walk out of her class a changed person."

"Soon after the workshop I felt positive changes in my life!"

"The love that Laura has within her radiates to all people she encounters. I am blessed to have learned from her."

"Learning and practicing IET has been the most rewarding experience. I have been a Reiki practitioner for many years and IET has expanded my understanding and healing potential."

"The combination of Reiki and IET energy work that Laura did eased my pain and greatly aided in my recovery"

"Laura has an amazing talent. She is warm, caring, and highly skilled."

"I have been a loyal client for over five years. I am so grateful to have Laura in my life!"

"The session with Laura brought a deep sense of peace and wholeness, helping me feel empowered to better prioritize challenges and experience more joy in life."



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