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Lana Louise Silva

Psychic, Intuitive Medium, Teacher, Reiki Practitioner , Intuitive Tarot cards, Psychometry

WHO I AM renowned Psychic Medium 


Lana Louise who was named “The Blessed Messenger” Heaven on Earth
Since a young age of 5, I have seen , felt, heard,  things and circumstances , that I couldn't explain, nor did I think it was real. Being afraid stopped me from being Who I Am . At the age of 6 having a conversation with GOD , only confirmed more and him being my best friend. I  ignored my "Abilities" for a long time . 


My path has not been easy , I wrote a lot since I was a teen, I was able to describe and feel everything  on paper so that I didn't have to tell anyone. Since then , It has helped me express myself and have a deeper connection with God , Spirit &Souls. I have always understood I was here on earth for a higher purpose. I connect in all aspects with spirit . Nothing but the Highest good for myself and the sitter.  My love , passion and deeply caring for people grows more with every connection I make here on earth and with Spirit.


Having 3 near death experiences I have seen and believe their IS another side. I'm not here to convince anyone of what I believe to be true . I have studied with some of the  top teachers in the  field from the US to the  UK. At my events and in person  I take you on a journey beyond the physical realm

Most of my time is spent offering Psychic, Mediumship, Tarot Sessions , Reiki,  and classes.  Most of all helping people finding peace and comfort. My mission is to reach as many people around the globe in some way of kindness and compassion while I on this earth.. I work remotely or in person. I have developed many classes .



CREATE -Your life just for You make the connection
*Breathe - Eat, Sleep, Trust, Heart, Soul
*Live- Everyday fully without limits you a soul and a being . 

Thank you for giving me the trust and opportunity to work with you.- Blessings 


Lana’s amazing gift of communicating with the deceased is unparalleled, as she brings through messages, validations and specific details from the spirits of those who have crossed over, proving that the soul lives on after death. Lana Louise has won the confidence of skeptics and believers alike. With over a decade of reading professionally, she has helped thousands of people deal with the grief of losing loved ones by bringing through validations, evidential information and beautiful messages which heal and bring a sense of peace. Her gentle and direct delivery has earned her great recognition, along with a clientele that spans the globe. 




"Lana Is the Real Deal. Lana Knew things that only me and my close friend would know that she told me on her death bed. Lana described her to a "T" and her husband as well, from phrases, inside Jokes only my friend  that passed away and I would know.  Lana is like in the other world while doing her readings. The peace that Lana has given to me is immeasurable. I could write forever about this experience , If you are looking for closure. Lana is as GENUINE AS A PERSON  YOU WILL EVER COME ACROSS." Anna - Boston, M


"Lana is Amazing. Lana is a true Blessing, The reading that I received was absolutely on point ! I would highly recommend everyone to listen and to be open minded and Relax. Lana knew so much only my Mom shared with me that was right on point. It has given me so much closure and relief to know how wonderful Lana is with the gift she has, She is Truly Amazing . Thank you" Nicole  Revere, Ma.

"I had a wonderful experience connecting with my Dad . I never thought that it would happen till I spoke with Lana.  It was everything that I hope for.  There was a huge weight lifted off my shoulder. I would recommend anyone who wants to talk to their love ones on the other side to have Lana help you with it. She’s awesome!!" Thank you  - Deb Florida


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