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Dr. Kevin Ross Emery

Psychic, medium, medical intuitive, trance channel, Spiritual Catalyst, past life channel, Spiritual Coach & Counselor, Business Catalyst, ADD/ADHD expert

Dr. Kevin is now offering “Everything Psychic” Readings at NH Metaphysical every 2 & 4th Wednesday of the month ( by appointment only).  Beginning January 9, 2019.  


In an “Everything Psychic” session Dr. Kevin goes into sacred space and asks for that information and those energies which are in your highest and best good.  What unfolds may include: Medical Intuitive, Past Life, Mediumship, glimpses into the future, insights into present situations or even insights and healings of unresolved issues from your past.  These sessions are done as $75- 30 minute sessions- $150 for an hour. 


You can book a session with him at


Dr. Kevin


Conscious intuitive since the age of four, by the time he was 21 he had:


- Worked as a professional psychic

- Cleared his first ghost

- Worked as a medium, medical intuitive, and with past lives

- Began incorporating astrology, tarot and hands on healing into his work

- Won awards for his writing


By 41 he had:


- His works available through DVD, CD, had several books out.

- Been working for over a decade full time as a fulltime Spiritual Catalyst

- Had a radio show out

- Created a the Wei Chi System of Natural Healing, hands on healing system

- Had opened and run healing centers.

- Got his doctorate in Divinity 


Since then: 


- Traveled and taught through Europe and Central America

- Began a successful TV show that went coast to coast

- Founded a non-profit (Web OF Light Foundation) 

- And has begun hosting Web Of Life Expo- Weaving a Web of Light 


You may find out more about Dr. Kevin:


Follow him on:


- FaceBook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Tumblr /Instagram/Twitter/Google+   @MyDrKevin or

- FaceBook: WebOfLightExpo, Twitter @WebOfLight, Instagram; WOLF-WebOfLightFoundation


Contact him at


Dr. Kevin quotes:


“Your spiritual path is as unique and as individualistic as you are.  No one person or ideology can give you your path.  They can give you some of the building block with which to build that path, life will give you the rest.  Your job is to put that path together and walk it with integrity.” 


“Your spiritual path is as unique and as individualistic as you are.  No one person or ideology can give you your path.  They can give you some of the building block with which to build that path, life will give you the rest.  Your job is to put that path together and walk it with integrity.” 


“Magic is what happens when one steps beyond the limitation of intellect and experience...”

“Magic is what happens when one steps beyond the limitation of intellect and experience...”

“Empowerment: The POWER to be uniquely who you are…without apology” 


Wei Chi Healing/Reiki: "The process of empowering one to heal one’s self” 


"ADD/ADHD is part of an evolutionary process, broadening the bandwidth of humanity.  It is neither a disease nor a disorder, and we should not allow our children or ourselves to be laboratory rats or cash cows.  ADD/ADHD individuals are not meant to fit in but to stand out. It is imperative we learn how to help them to recognize and Manage Their Gifts, and change the world in positive ways." 


“Do not take on a disability based on someone else’s inability to see or unlock your gifts and greatness”


Dr. Kevin vlogs:


Why get a psychic reading?

Why get a psychic reading with Dr. Kevin:

Why Do Spiritual Catalyst work? 

Custom fit life:


Upcoming Classes: 


- Psychic Development (NH Metaphysical)

- Leapin’ Lizard (Portland Maine)


- Intro to Astrology (Tangled Roots- Nashua, NH)

- Dream Interpretation ( NH Metaphysical)

- Shielding (Protecting Your Personal Energy (NH Metaphysical)


Upcoming Table Of Tens at NH Metaphysical:


- 3/28 Spirit Guides:

- 4/25 Angels:

- 5/23 Dreams:

- 6/27: Past Lives:


My one-on one offering through NH Metaphysical:


Upcoming Shows: 


- 5/4 NH Metaphysical psychic fair- book me early I sold out last time!)


Dr. Kevin Media




Dr. Kevin currently is in his 14th year of being a radio show host.  His show can be heard live every Thursday Night at 6 PM at where listeners are invited to call-in and be part of the conversation.  To listen to his shows via podcast, once the show has been aired:




Dr. Kevin’s show, Web Of Light, was on Tv weekly for over 2 and half years and then he shifted it to a less regular, more internet based show.  Web Of Light is a spiritually based, informational talk show.  We educate and highlight people and non-profits that are bringing light, promoting love and acceptance, and making the world a better place.

To watch Web Of Light:


Dragons, Unicorns and Other Creative Creatures, was Dr. Kevin’s second TV show, also airing weekly for about 18 months before Dr. Kevin chose to retire the show due to time constraints.  Dragons, Unicorns & Other Creative Creatures was a show for, about, and by artist

There are just so many creative types out there, and in this show, Dr. Kevin and Rona Gofstein are here to explore these fascinating people and their process.  We invite you to join us and  these dragons, unicorns, and other creative creatures.  To watch: and


Dr. Kevin and friend’s Internet Channel:

After over 25 years as a fulltime Spiritual teacher, coach, counselor, speaker & catalyst Dr. Kevin was approached about putting his hundreds of hours of talks, shows, classes and more into a single internet TV channel.  ON this channel is not only Dr. Kevin but some of the phenomenal teachers and speakers he has worked with along the way. 


Books, DVD’s & Cd’s and more:


Dr. Kevin is both a best-selling author: Famous People with ADHD: Are You one waiting to Happen? ( and an award-winning author: Managing The Gift: Alternative Approaches For Attention Deficit Disorder (  As well as receiving a Lifetime Achievement Award for his poetry. He has a dozen books, over half a dozen DVD’s, as well as a CD and a Movie out. 


Classes, Workshops and Trainings:


In almost 30 years of teaching and speaking around the world, Dr. Kevin has both unique content courses and has put his spin on any number of subjects from Spiritual and Alternative healing to psychic and artistic development to business and personal development. When Dr. Kevin has six people commit we will teach that course (except for course requiring prerequisites-if they haven’t been met)  and that teaching could be in person or via the internet. 


Included here is a partial list of some of what Dr. Kevin teaches and if you want any of these (or have one you want to see if he has or would teach) then email him at .


Managing The Gift (MTG) Series: Understanding and Working With The Gifts of ADD/ADHD. These can be anything from one-night classes to one or two days workshops.  They include but are not limited to:


- MTG of your ADD/ADHD child for parents, educators and other adult support systems.

- MTG of your ADD/ADHD adult 

- MTG of Your ADD/ADHD- both for ADD/ADHD individuals and their support systems

- MTG of Your ADD/ADHD Business Owner/Boss


Building Your Successful ADHD Driven Business:  Using the gifts of ADD and - ADHD to run a ... SUCCESSFUL BUSINESS! 


How and why is ADD and ADHD a gift in business? How do you manage the gift? How do you work with people who have the gift? During this powerful and perspective changing workshop you’ll not only discover what the medical professionals don’t tell you when it comes to ADD/ ADHD but you’ll also find out why people ‘on the spectrum’ are actually uniquely gifted when it comes to running a business! Forbes Magazine reported that people with ADHD are 400% more likely to become entrepreneurs.  Dr. Kevin Ross Emery whose best selling book(s) and programs - including ‘Managing The Gift: Alternative Approaches for Attention Deficit Disorder’ - on the subject has spoken throughout North America & Europe on this topic.   Additionally, he has been busy developing protocols for both children & adults on how to utilize the gifts of ADD and manage behaviors. He also helps create protocols for spouses, parents & educators to better help the people in their lives with ADD. 


Wei Chi Series: ( Wei Chi lived 5,000 years ago in as a Tibet Shaman and began trance channeling through Dr. Kevin in 1995) 


Natural System of Healing classes/trainings and course:


- Lost Steps of Reiki – one night class

- Wei Chi Level one : (2) Friday Night, Saturday & Sunday trainings- over 40 hours and upon passing and completing the course you get a certificate as a - Wei Chi Level 1 Practitioner and have the ability to offer and charge for Wei Chi clinic treatments. 

- Wei Chi Practitioner Level: over 1,500 hours of training and upon passing and completing coursework can offer and charge for: clinic & a single modified treatment, as well as a, seven, five and three treatment series. – Perquisite: Wei Chi Level One

- Also available once one has become a Wei Chi Practitioner is the Medical Intuitive, level, the Spiritual Counselor level and the Teacher Level. 


Wei Chi Chakra Healing


- Introduction to Wei Chi & the chakra system- one night

- Wei Chi Chakra healer level

- Wei Chi Chakra Master level

- Wei Chi Chakra Teacher level 


Psychic Development Series


- Are You Psychic?  One night class

- Psychic Development Class level 1 – I have been teaching this class for over 28 years through the US and Europe. It can be taught as 4 three hour classes or 2 six hour classes or 3 four hour classes.  

- Psychic Development level 2, 3 & 4- When four or more students from level one wish to for a closed group there are up to three more levels that are each done over a week-end. A week-end that consists of 2 10 hour days. 

- Professional Psychic Certification Class: the requisite for this competition of psychic Development 1-4 and then one week-end a month for three months, as well as pass/fail day of observed readings. 




- Intro to Tarot course- done either in 4 three hour classes or two six hour classes.


- Master Tarot Certification Class:


This is a Master's Level Tarot Certification Course.  This course is 18- 9 hour classes plus course work and works with over 40 different decks, this course helps you to; develop a unique reading style, take your intuitive to the next level. Upon completing course and passing the requirements (reading three different people each with a different deck) , you will become a certified tarot reader. This is for serious students only and you must interview to be accepted. Between course work and in class time you will have completed over 175 hours of training. This class has limited seating. This class is the precursor to a create your own Tarot Deck course.


Intro to Astrology:


This is a 12 hour course to give you the basic understanding of Astrology using the charts of the people who take the class.  Has a one level follow-up if the class wishes to continue.  This is a class for personal usage and understanding of Astrology as a tool. 


Spiritual Development Series Classes: 


- These are 1-2 night or afternoon 4-6 hour classes they include:


Ghost: The Untold Story: Ghosts?  Trapped spirits?  Poltergeists?  Energy patterns?  What are the differences among these things?  How does one become a ghost but more importantly how does one make sure they don’t end up a ghost.  This fascinating class covers this information as well as answering your questions about ghost clearing, exorcism and other such topics.  Dr Kevin did his first ghost clearing in the late seventies.  Since then he has helped hundreds of ghost move back into their incarnational cycle and stop being trapped.  He will share some real life stories during the class.


Introduction To Empowerment: Empowerment: “The power to be uniquely how you are…without apology”- Dr Kevin.  What blocks you from embracing joy in every aspect of your life?  This class provides some simple explanations and techniques designed to help you push through and beyond those blocks.  Come away with tools to help you step onto your path of highest joy.


Intuition & Your Daily Life: Are you really psychic?  The answer, of course, is ‘yes.’  This class discusses how to tap into the flow of your own psychic energy, often called ‘intuition.’  Come away with techniques designed to allow you to use your own connection to live a happier more joy-filled life. (Intro to Psychic Development Course).   


Spirituality & Sexuality: Are these two opposing concepts?  Is true spirituality celibacy?  Can you be both spiritual and sexual at the same time?  This fun, light-hearted class discusses these and many other ideas, which might be blocking you from greater joy and a more effortless spiritual journey. (Intro to Beyond Gender) 


Truth about Angels and Spirit Guide: Do you wonder whether you have a Guardian Angel? Are you seeking proof with regard to Angels & Guides? Do you want to know how to get higher guidance?  In this powerful evening workshop, you’ll not only have all your questions answered when it comes to the angelic realms - but you’ll also get to have a first hand experience!  The evening will end with you meeting one of your spirit guides or angels.


Invisible Armor: Protecting Your Personal Energy: How many times have you felt drained after being around a certain person, or in a certain place?  Chances are the answer is higher than you care to count.  This 6-hour class teaches you how to identify your own energy and how to protect and shield that energy from unwanted intrusion.  Take back your life with simple yet powerful techniques!



TWO-PART CLASSES, 2 - 3 hours on two separate occasions



Dream Interpretation: Through our dreams, we receive much pertinent information, designed to move us along our spiritual path.  Learn how to interpret your dreams and how to program your dream state to achieve quicker and easier processing of your spiritual lessons.


Prosperity & Manifestation: What blocks you from prosperity?  This class takes you on a journey to discover how you keep prosperity at arm’s length.  Learn how to redefine abundance and magnetize yourself to increased prosperity in every aspect of your life. 


Reincarnation: Future Growth Through Past Lives: Yes . . . we have all lived before, many times.  This class discusses the psychic & scientific proof of reincarnation.  In the process, learn how to access your own past lives to provide you clues about blocks and opportunities in your present life.             


An Evening with Dr. Kevin: Platform Messages from the “Psychic Sledgehammer”

Dr Kevin has been giving psychic messages for over 30 helping thousands of people, heal, grow, make better choices and become more empowered. For one night only, he will take the stage and allow you to pick his intuitive brain. From Medical Intuition to Mediumship; Past Lives to Pre and Post Cognition, Dr. Kevin can take you almost anywhere!


Walking The Knife’s edge: Spiritual Paradoxes! Learn how you are a GOD and not a God and both are valid and equally true.  A Paradox is the place where polar opposites are both valid and equally true. How can it be true and false, at the same time? Understanding and embracing Spiritual Paradoxes allows you to be both in the world but not of it and of the world but not in it. Come see where these paradoxes may be holding you back. 


LIVE YOUR PURPOSE: Know your purpose but not sure which steps to take next?  Want to know how to integrate everything in your life? Are you ready to stop procrastinating and start taking action? This one-off highly interactive workshop guarantees to help you change your perspective on all the important aspects of your life - especially your health, wealth and relationships!  By the end of the day, you’ll leave the workshop armed with the tools you need to keep you on track - and you’ll also have your own personal route map for your unique future!       FULL-DAY or TWO-DAY CLASSES, 6 - 8 hours total



LONGER CLASSES, 12 hours or more



Combing The Mirror Workshop: This series is divided into three separate two-day workshops: Healing Your Past, Living In The Present, and Creating Your Future.  This series helps you become the driving force behind your own life, living each and every day in a fully empowered and joyful way.  Based on Dr Kevin’s book Combing The Mirror ( and other steps in your spiritual path)


Beyond Gender: This weekend workshop helps you recognize, integrate and better utilize both your feminine and your masculine side.  From this integrated state you both better serve all those people who cross your path but will better actualize who you came here to be.  


Woo-Woo Writers Weekend: If you’re a budding author with a powerful message to share, then you’re absolutely going to love this innovative, one-of-a-kind “BookCamp”. Whether you’re looking to write a your personal journey to the world, share spiritual insights or you’re determined to bring social change to the world, you’ll leave this two day event armed with everything you need to know to bring your book to life.  


Are you a budding author with a powerful message? Do you have a deep desire to share your story with the world? Are you ready to stop procrastinating and start taking action? 


Best Selling author, Dr Kevin Ross Emery, who (with more than 15 books to his name) has an enviable reputation both in his native USA and around the world, you’re guaranteed to discover more in two days than you could ever learn in two years on your own. Share hard won lessons from the numerous mistakes made along the way, you’ll discover how to avoid the five pitfalls that cause most authors to fail and during the event, you’ll craft your own personal route map for success – including how to navigate 21st century publishing, and creating a framework that makes writing much, much easier to constructing a marketing plan to ensure your book gets rave reviews! 


Building Your Spiritual Business:  In this exciting ‘intensive’ workshop, you’ll learn more in one day than you could ever learn in one year on your own!  And irrespective of whether you’re working as a healer or a coach, when you discover the six building blocks for business success you’ll be amazed at just how quickly your own practice will grow and flourish. 

Just as importantly, you’ll finish the day armed with your very own route map to success, which you’ll be able to use to strategize and build your business for the months and years to come. 


Are you passionate about the powerful work you do with clients? Do you struggle to find clients who can pay what you’re worth? Are you ready to stop procrastinating and start taking action? 


After 26 years of having his own spiritually based business, which has included both consulting for spiritually based businesses and teaching at an Entrepreneur MBA level boot camp, Dr Kevin helps you discover what it takes.  


Equally importantly, you’ll be encouraged in this safe environment to learn and share - with other people just like you - and to ask all the questions you need! 




"His practical common sense, combined with his uncanny gift for seeing the 'truth' of the situation (all finished off with a wicked sense of humour) put him in an unrivaled class when it comes to both personal and business development."

- Olivia Stefanino, International Speaker & Author of "Be Your Own Guru"


"Dr. Emery offers parents hope and keen insight of what A.D.D. is and how to deal with it. He boldly breaks from traditional psychology by avoiding quick fix medications and child labeling. Dr. Emery views A.D.D. from a full life perspective that reveals positive attributes and constructive treatment."

-Dr. Robert V. Gerard, Author and Self-Empowered Psychologist


"Dr. Kevin, please continue to give hope to our children."

- Lisa Nichols, Motivational Speaker featured on the "Secret"


“Dr. Kevin Ross has one of the most brilliant minds I’ve ever experienced. His work on ADD for adults is ground-breaking. I highly recommend you read his book Managing the Gift: Alternative approaches for Attention Deficit Disorder.”

- Michelle Price, Information Entrepreneur, Social Media Capitalist, Book & Content Marketing Strategist


"Your uncanny understanding of my A.D.D. and teaching me the tools to deal with it allow me to use A.D.D. to my own benefit. That is quite a statement and testimony to your work."

- Noel Shapiro, Architect


What people are saying about Dr. Kevin:


-As medical intuitive:


Over 20 years ago some of the top doctors in some of the best hospitals in Boston told me I had six month to nine, if I was lucky, to live. My diagnosis was rare and no one they knew of survived it. After seeing and working with Dr. Kevin over the next 12 months not only did I beat the diagnosis but I want on to live a much happier and more successful life. - RA


When my discussion with my doctors, around my MS, were about whether I should be using a walker or just needed to move to wheelchair and I that I was going blind, my conversations with Dr. Kevin were how to take back my life. Over a two year time period, working with him, not only did I get more of my eyesight back, which I was told was impossible, I ended up in a place where I could walk up to 5 miles a day and never had a need for the walker or the wheelchair.. During this time my traditional doctor just kept telling me that all my improvements were impossible and in my head and that I needed to stop working with the quack thank God I didn’t listen. Working with Dr. Kevin gave me back to life I was told I would never have access to again. -EP


“Having been a long-term recipient of chiropractic care I was astounded by the effectiveness of energetic manipulation. I could literally feel my spine being elongated during my treatment. Dr. Emery was also able to determine that part of my trouble with maintaining balance was the result of a long-time inner ear imbalance that had previously gone undetected.”–E.F. of Portland, ME


“I was a long time sufferer of hypothyroid symptoms. These sessions are great! My energy has increased, my daily headaches are gone and I am no longer waking up three times a night.”-S.B. of Todd, NC


“My healing work with Kevin was a unique experience. When he worked on me it was as if his hands were inside of me energetically. What followed was physical proof of my experience, as I began to release physical debris that had been affecting my body for a long time. Kevin will be moving beyond the limitations of this plane and is bringing a new meaning to the words divine intervention.”-B.E. of East Longmeadow, MA


“After my first session with Kevin I am feeling happier and my eating habits are much healthier. Kevin has helped me to see the core of my issues so I can fully release them”-K.C. of N. Hampton, NH


-As a spiritual coach and counselor:


In my time with Dr. Kevin our work in we got more done in a little over year then I got done with my traditional therapist in almost seven years. -MB

My wife and I worked with Dr. Kevin and soon realized not only the power of each of us working with him individually but also as a couple, and how his approach helped us grow individual and as a couple, bring new life into our individual life’s as well as our marriage.


-As a medium:


I immediately knew it was my late husband when he came through. He even sounded like my husband, whom he knew nothing about, and had never met, but what really surprised me was when my husband told me about a long lost paid off insurance policy that had been forgotten and I was told the box in the basement I could find. I never expected a reading to make me $10,000.00 richer. -MP


When my husband died suddenly leaving me a widow with a one year old child I felt so lost. I went to a couple of “well known” mediums and found the information vague and general. Then someone pointed me to Dr. Kevin. I had several sessions with Dr. Kevin and my husband came through- talk about very specific things, answered the questions I had about the decisions I was making and needed to make about our son. And then when we reached a point where all my questions were answered he shifted the sessions I to helping me better deal with my grief and letting go. -AB


-As a psychic:


I was warned about Dr. Kevin -“the psychic sledge hammer” and went to see him anyway, wasn’t sure what I expected, but what I got was spot on psychic information and insights, that he likes to say, “ was more information with which to make better decisions”. What some people might call getting hit by a sledge hammer, I found to be more of a nurf bat with tough love- that showed how much he cares ( no matter what he says) -EB


Dr. Kevin not only picked up things he had no way of knowing but then his psychic insights also helped me understand better places where I was stuck. And open my eyes to some truths I had been avoiding to look at. JD


-About his “Managing the Gift™ ADD/ADHD Sessions"


"You have helped our child get off the medication that he hated taking and we hated to have him on. You helped this child move from a child the teachers complained about with a C-average to a child that the teachers are now saying is a model student and who is on the honor role. We thank you from the bottom and top of our hearts..."

- J.A. of Lanexa, VA.


"My son is adamant about working with Dr. Emery. He is the only one we have ever taken our son to who he will open up to and allow himself to be helped by."

-H.B. of Portsmouth, NH.


-As Business Catalyst:


After over 20 years in business, my wife and I decided to take a different route in our business and with our lives. We had multiple issues within our business and our personal lives- from ADD- to medical issues, to the strain of being married in both business and life and a business which we wanted to sell but was holding steady but not growing. We started with one of his four day intensives with us and after a year and a half of doing a combination of intensive offerings with ongoing follow-up we had major improvements in all of the areas we had struggles and more than tripled the value of our business. -DJ


“Dr. Kevin has the ability to source the right communication at the right time which moves me forward in my life and business in an effortless way. His knowledge and skill direct and guide me to get the most from myself and others. Working with Dr. Kevin is an essential part of my success and a blessing in my life.”

~Deahni K.




“If you care enough about yourself to work with someone who respects you enough to tell you the truth of what they see about you and your life and who will give you the tools to empower and heal yourself this is an awesome was to do it!”

~Sherri D. , LMT


“Dr. Kevin is the consummate professional and businessman as well as being a truly compassionate and loving individual. He possesses a rare and unique combination of skills with his life coaching and counseling, as well as a great understanding and use of homeopathic and naturopathic products. I have sent many friends and patients to Dr. Kevin for counseling. They all have intense experiences with him. His work is

valid and respectable. I have experienced his special magic myself.”

~Teresa V., DO


“I thought my acupuncturist was crazy when she recommended I go see a psychic- but at that point she had been what I thought was my last chance after exhausting all my regular options to get help with my neck- even acupuncture had been a stretch for me. I gave in, booked the appointment blind so he knew nothing except someone had recommended me. Immediately this past life came up and when he finished he asked if I was having any physical problems with my neck because of how I died in my past life, I said yes- he then went into healer/counselor mode. As we worked through the messages from the past life and he did energy work- I could feel my neck release. And after three years of increasingly debilitating pain it was gone. And now over a year later I have still not had a problem with neck. -RK




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