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Geri Karabin

Animal Communicator, Psychic Medium, Intuitive Life Coach

I started my journey in energy healing as a Human and Animal Psychic Medium via my Shamanic training where I really had to open up my intuition. Shamanism took me to Animal Communication which in turn took me to Mediumship. But opening up like this, at least at first, was definitely not easy. I come from a family that is way uncomfortable about their feelings. We didn’t and still don’t share. And we definitely don’t acknowledge ‘woo-woo’ stuff like intuition, animal communication, and talking to Spirit. But the thing is, once you start to open up your intuition, you kind of can’t stop. As my ability to read energy and connect with those whom have crossed has deepened, so has my commitment to being of service to people who need help.

Connecting with humans and animals energetically, to me, is an honor. Whether I'm helping a client move through grief by bringing through a loved one in Spirit, or helping them understand the behavior of their animal, I look at it as being of service and helping them heal.

The animals in our lives are actually here to help us grow. They have messages for us. They’re looking out for us whether they’re still here with us, or have passed on. And the same goes for the humans in our lives whom have crossed over to Spirit. They too are still with us and still have messages for us. It’s just up to us to listen. Are you ready?

Geri offers 30 and 60 minute Animal Communication readings and 60 minute Mediumship and Coaching sessions. She conducts her sessions via phone or Zoom. To schedule your reading, visit Geri’s website:



“I was introduced to Geri via a charitable event for an organization that provides care, love and hope for cats to be placed in a forever home.  Geri had donated her services for the on-line auction and I won!  I did not go in to the reading skeptical, but this was my first time getting a reading for my pet kids.  I chose her to read Benny, my oldest feline kid.  I wanted to get some help with what I felt he has been trying to tell me the past several years. Geri helped me put meaning behind behaviors and actions and confirmed what I felt he was trying to tell me.  The things that she brought to my attention were spot on and there is no way she would have known any of it as I am not a big social media player so my Facebook page does not contain personal things for anyone to have previewed.  After the reading, I felt like I had clarity as to how to proceed with Benny, and to take each day as a gift, let go, enjoy and simply love one another.  Benny is special to me and a Momma's boy and I am proud to be his human.  Thank you Geri, you will make the future for Benny and I even more special.  You truly have a gift and I am blessed that you shared it with me and Benny.” - Pat Altendorfer, Minneapolis, MN

“Geri assisted us with reading two of our dogs, one living and one passed. Admittedly, Jon and I were new to the practice of reading one's pet so were naturally skeptical. However, after having Faced Timed with Geri, we quickly sensed that she was a genuine person seeking to assist others on connecting with their pets on a more intimate level. Geri did a splendid job of accurately describing him and unlocking some truths about him that we did not consciously recognize prior. She then went on to read our pets and simply asked for their names, whether they were living or passed, and asked us to identify their gender. She then connected with one pet at a time and asked them the questions we had asked her to retrieve answers for. The manner in which Geri read their answers accurately described our pets' behavior and personality traits. Her reading was insightful, genuine, and truly an emotional experience. To put it simply, it was an absolute treat to experience a reading by Geri and have shared our story with many people around us. We will certainly be consulting with her again soon and continuing to refer people to her. Thanks Geri!” - Felipe Magalon, LA, CA

“I have been going to Geri since she first opened, without having any knowledge what my sessions would be like. I was mesmerized…..whatever was heavy on my heart or mind, she quickly became aware of and by the end of the session, I could feel the heaviness replaced with peace! Her passion is evident in her practice!” - Robin Conklin, Oak Island, NC

“I treated myself to the package of 5 Intuitive Life Coaching sessions. I had made a lot of growth in my personal growth, but I was feeling stuck. I wasn’t moving forward as I wanted. My chronic health issues were getting worse, and I was in a lot of physical pain. My first session with Geri blew my mind. She hit the mark with all the information she received. Geri’s extensive knowledge of the Law of Attraction helped me to see how I was attracting more health issues and pain by being so focused on what was wrong with me. She helped me to open my eyes to better ways to reach my goals. I feel happier, healthier, and more at ease than I can ever remember. I highly recommend working with Geri, she is authentic, compassionate, and a mind-blowingly accurate intuitive.” - Karen Lindstrom, Ed. S., Boston, MA


“When Geri did my reading, I was blown away by the details that she gave me regarding the people that came thru.  I knew exactly who she was talking about - she didn’t know these personal details so I knew what I was hearing was truth.  While there were several things that I heard that were enlightening, there were two very meaningful things - one from each person - that shed so much light on behavior and decisions made while they were here.  What she delivered has given me incredible peace and insight and understanding which ultimately leads to, even more, forgiveness.” - Keverne Denahan, San Francisco, CA



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