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Genevieve Hackett

International Psychic Medium, Intuitive Tarot Reader, Reiki Master, IET Practitioner, Teacher, Founder of Central Mass Serenity

I travel all over the United States for  events where I am offering guidance, healing  and insight from the unseen.  My overseas clients (including Iceland, Australia, Ireland, and Brazil) are typically via phone or Skype.  

Being aware of the gifts I have has not always been easy.   For many years, I tried to hide who I am.  I was told that  what I was seeing wasn't real.  After trying to  suppress my gifts I ended up misdiagnosed with brain lesions and given less then a year to live.  

When the diagnosis was corrected, I began to live every day as the gift that it is.  I learned to accept that what I could do, what I was hearing, smelling, feeling, and finally, talking about, was not only real but a gift from God that is meant to be shared with others.    

I now spend my time not only offering psychic medium readings, tarot readings and Reiki sessions, but also teaching and guiding meditation groups and classes.


​My goals are to ensure that all have access to what I do, to reach as many people as possible and to bring an awareness of alternative spiritual practices through participating in creating a bridge between like-minded people from around the world who love, pray and encourage each other with people who are looking for that one on one personal attention in their search for answers that may not be found elsewhere.   


My belief is in complete freedom to follow one's own path, to worship as one chooses to and to be who we are without fear.  I offer a place of peace, light, and acceptance.


This is my passion.  This is my purpose.  Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your journey!

To book a private session with Genevieve: 
(978) 798-2491


"Genevieve Hackett is a brilliantly talented Psychic Medium, Healer,Teacher and Spiritual Guide. Genevieve has touched the lives of so many people in crisis and brought her beautiful gifts of healing light and spiritual connection to them. She has an astonishing ability to get right to the core of where people are coming from and where they need to be going to. As well as able to bring the correct healing modality into her sessions.

Genevieve's strong connections to Spirit, Higher Self, Channel energies and the Christ Consciousness just exude from her. Genevieve is all about love, laughter, joy and healing. Be ready to have your world "Rocked In A Positive Way" once you begin sessions with her. If you are in need of healing, direction or connection to Spirit, find your way to Genevieve. Should you be on a path of Spiritual Awakening, find your way to one of her Classes and be astonished at how quickly your connections begin.

I am one of the lucky ones and most blessed to have been able to sit in private session with her as well as collaborate together with her professionally. Genevieve is a sheer joy and blessing to all who find their way to her on their path."

"Julie Ann" Gadziala (Owner of New Hampshire Metaphysical)

Gen is amazingly gifted, loving and all around wonderful. Classes are intimate and thorough. 

All the services are a truly amazing experience and priced for all budgets. Great lady and great place!

Sinead C.arter , Central Mass

Genevieve is very welcoming comfortable person to be around, sharing her good energy and gifts with the world. I highly recommend her services to anyone looking for some insight and a friendly face. I personally can't wait to dive into some past life regression with her soon!!!!

-Cara Keane, , MA

Genevieve is such a caring and loving person. She takes her time. Doesn't rush thru things or watch the clock.
Her delivery of information is impeccable. Her pride in what she does surely shines thru when you have a session with her.
I would personally recommend (and have) anyone/everyone I know to go and see her.
Lastly her prices are extremely reasonable. No reason NOT to go and see her.

Christine Belair-Lowe, Massachusetts

I can't say enough great things 

about  Genevieve and Central Mass Serenity. Gen is knowledgeable and caring. A person born to educate and help others explore their own personal path.

Cindy Stewart, Northern Mass.    


Genevieve Hackett has helped me so much in the few months since we met & i have been attending her classes. She also connected with my father & other family members during a few different readings. I look forward to learning a lot more in the near future from the classes offered!!

Krissy Gagnon, New Hampshire

My reading with you was nothing short of amazing and glorious.  You were able to connect to those who wished to come through with such ease as well as connect directly to those I asked you too.  This is an unusual gift in the psychic community and you were able to make that connection with almost no effort.  It was as if my family on the other side felt as comfortable with you as I did and wanted you to deliver messages to me.  I have not had this happen with others in the past.  You were able to bring information through in such a clear and often times humorous way that our time flew by.  The messages I received will stay with me forever.  I also want you to know that I shared with my husband the messages you brought through from his mother.  He was very happy to hear them.  Thank you Genevieve.  I would love to have you come to a family gathering sometime.  Until then please continue what you are doing… you are gifted and bring such joy to your clients!

-Regina Rivard


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