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Healing one heart at a time

No one ever said living this earthbound life would be easy...

We are faced with challenges every day that can test our heart, our faith, and leave us feeling empty, wondering why things happen the way they do.  Even with my abilities, I don't have all the answers, but maybe, I can help.


As an Intuitive Medium, I have the ability to speak with your loved ones that have passed and perceive the events and energy around you to help provide you with some much needed guidance from the Universe.


This is My Story...

Even as a child, maybe as young as 7, I always knew I was different from other children my age, and other people in general.  I never quite fit in.  I think I always knew that I had a sixth sense ability; psychic and intuitive.  I would have psychic dreams, see shadow people (spirits apparently), feel other people's emotions and have premonitions that would come true; like, picking up the telephone before it rang and knowing it was my best-friend.  Or meeting someone I've never met before and instinctively know and say their name...  out loud even!  The feeling of "Deja-vu" is a constant within my life.



I have had the honor and the pleasure of studying under some of the most admired and talented Mediums and Tarot Card Readers from all over the world that have been helping to push my abilities and studies!  



MA and NH – Based out of Westford, MA



Phone: (978) 391-9779



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Alan A.  

March‎ 27th, 2016 - Mediumship Reading

Brant connected with my grandmother who passed 25 years ago and father who passed away a year ago. He was able to describe physical ailments (bent, inflexible arm and hand) and speech patterns my father had after a stroke, manner of death, a story recently told about his old Corvette, his stinky cat (it happens!) and that I was wearing his watch. He then precisely honed in on an issue our family is facing, including the relationship, gender, and first initial of the family member at the center of the problem, and the exact problem itself, offering good advice on the situation. Very good experience, pretty amazing. Thanks Brant!


Sarah H.

April 10th, 2016 - Mediumship Reading

Brant's reading was astonishing in his speed, clarity and accuracy. He stood up and in less than a minute, described and embodied the energy and mannerisms of a childhood friend whom I hadn't thought of in years! Through his accurate evidence of Heather, he brought nearly instantaneous happiness and joy, plus resulted in my physically tearing up at so clearly feeling her - I immediately felt as if Heather was standing right in front of me with her fun, quirky, larger-than-life energy and loving care through him. He also shared correct details about her life, marriage, and children before she passed in her 30's. It was 'hands-down' one of the top two most accurate readings I've ever received. Thank you, Brant!


Shayna L.

August 29th, 2016 - Tarot Card Reading

I had a tarot reading with Brant and I was blown away! From my current job and relationship status, he was right on the dot! He was very clear and specific about the things in my life. He made me feel comfortable and at ease during my reading. Brant validated things that I have been up in the air about and helped me take the steps to follow through with them. All my questions were answered and I've recommended him to my friends and family that want readings! Brant, thank you for sharing your gift with the world!


Mike and Nancy H

October 29th, 2016 - Mediumship Reading

Brant connected my husband and my step mom with his father/husband who passed away last month from a tragic suicide. Brant was spot on and accurate with everything he shared with them, to the point they had goosebumps throughout the time as he consistently validated so many aspects of their lives together. Hours later they are still talking about all the connections Brant made for them. This time with Brant allowed my husband and step mom to have their questions answered and to know that his dad/husband is ok and and that he is at peace. They know he is watching over them now and they can finally smile once again. Thank you so much Brant for sharing your gift with us. You have truly made a difference in our lives.


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