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Amber D. McMahon

Karma Queen Reiki & Guidance 

M.Ed.,L MHC., Reiki Master, Spiritual Energy Healer, Intuitive Spiritual Counselor, Spiritual Medium, Licensed Therapist

We all have times where we question what our purpose in life is and what path to take. We go back and forth on what decision to make and it can be highly frustrating! Trust me I have been there! It was only when I decided to change my mindset that I was able to begin manifesting and achieving my soul’s’ desires!

We have to take the steps to create the life we desire. Sometimes it takes someone else’s words of wisdom to spark the passion within that ignites the unimaginable creativity that drives us forward in the right direction. Life is not easy! When bumps in the road occur, they can be made easier to navigate when you have guidance and support.

Are you ready to awaken the soul? Are you ready to be balanced mind, body, and spirit? Are you excited and ready to make change happen?Do you have questions that you need support and guidance to answer? Do you have that nagging problem or situation that you need to figure out the steps to take to solve it? Let me support and partner with you to guide you on your soul path.


I cannot say enough positive things about the services Amber provides. If you're looking for an alternative way to reduce stress and anxiety, maintain balance and feel better both physically and mentally, I highly recommend making an appointment. My first experience with Amber was in a group setting with my family where we had our first experience with the "Angel messages" she receives and delivers. This took place in November of 2015 and I have been seeing her on a monthly basis since May of 2016 for reiki with guidance. Since then my overall quality of life has increased significantly. Depression is a thing of the past for me and I experience minimal anxiety compared to what I used to. She has encouraged me to eliminate any negative, excess baggage that has been dragging me down for years which has had an extremely positive impact on my life. I leave every session feeling fully recharged and focused. None of the other experiences I have had with therapy have been this profound or helpful. So lucky I found her! L.B.

Reiki is life changing. I started seeing Amber for reiki about a year ago and it has made a tremendous difference for my mind, body, and soul. I have dealt with anxiety since I was little and working with Amber had calmed my mind, and body. I have gained more confidence and a sense of peacefulness through working with her. She is not only a reiki practitioner but also a life coach who can work with you to help you find the right path, set goals, and overcome fears. I highly recommend seeing Amber!

(Reiki and Coaching)
Amber listened to my goals and very quickly planned our sessions. She is clearly a professional who partners with her clients to achieve their goals. Witnessing her determination  is inspiring and has helped me in pursuit of my own dreams.

With a crisis management background, Amber is able to assess and address problems immediately, providing strategies for permanent resolution. Traditional practitioners often quickly prescribe pharmaceuticals. Amber works with clients to develop solutions utilizing coping skills, mindfulness techniques and holistic alternatives. Skills rather than pills enable us to take charge of our lives and move forward.

After the initial success, I engaged Amber for coaching also. Her fine attention to detail and keen assessment skills proved invaluable there too. I am grateful that such a caring, committed healer is present in our Arlington community.




I had a wonderful Reiki session with Amber. She explained the process to me and ensured that I was comfortable. It was amazing to feel the warmth from her hands as she was healing me. She is very intuitive and knew where I was feeling pain and focused her energy there. She was also connected with me emotionally and provided guidance on life situations. Highly recommend!!”
– Sherry 2016
(Angelic Messages Mediumship)
If you’re looking for an alternative way to reduce stress and maintain balance, I highly recommend the services Amber provides. Her office is conveniently located in Arlington. After having a first hand experience with the “Angel messages” she receives and delivers, I can say confidently say it’s absolutely worth it to pay her a visit! Looking forward to another visit real soon – L.C.

(Angelic Messages Mediumship)
I connected us last fall because she thought Amber could help ease my mind after the loss of my father just over two years ago. My father and I were very close and losing him changed my life; the loss hit me harder than I could have ever imagined. Amberwas able to pass along a few messages from him without having met me in person. She made a connection with him based on a few photographs and a conversation with our mutual friend. The messages relayed were incredibly relevant and accurate, and did much to soothe my soul. I look forward to the day that I can sit with Amber for a full reading. She is truly intuitive, empathetic and caring! – C.P.

(Angelic messages Mediumship)
When a loved one passes away, a family holds on to the memories and wish they had just one more moment in time with the person. This is the case with my family. My father passed away four years ago of pancreatic cancer and our family was devastated by the loss. He was a kind man with an enormous spirit that could fill up a room. We missed him dearly, noting things that would remind us of him and sharing fond memories. We could feel his presence and knew he was still with us. With this in mind, my sisters, mother and I decided to meet with Amber. We were keen to see which family members would like to communicate with us from the spirit world. We were all a little apprehensive as this was the first time any of us had done something like this. Once Amber sat down and started speaking, it was evident that not only is she extremely gifted and sensitive, our spirit family had a lot to say. She patiently sat with us while we laughed, cried and asked questions of our loved ones. It was a wonderful evening and we all left feeling much better knowing that our loved ones are keeping an eye on us. Also, we learned through Amber that when we think they are with us, we should pay more attention to it, because generally they are sending us signs from heaven. It was an evening none of us will soon forget. For families seeking closure or just want one more conversation with a family member, I would highly recommend Amber. Her spirituality, patience and understanding is amazing. – N.C.


Amber has taught me about the human spirit! Thank you my friend!
– Alex M.

(Angelic Messaging Mediumship)
We had an amazing experience. Not only are you one of the most vibrant and positive people we have ever met but your holistic and spiritual intuition is spot on and unlike any other. – feeling blessed L.R.

(Guidance, Angelic Messaging and Mediumship)
Amber’s insight, guidance and support has helped me weather many storms. Amber is the most goal oriented person I know. Her organizational skills are impeccable, with no detail escaping her. Amber works with clients to develop solutions utilizing coping skills, mindfulness techniques and holistic alternatives. Skills rather than pills enable us to take charge of our lives and move forward.
One of Amber’s most interesting abilities is mediumship. She can contact souls that do not exist in physical form. Prior to my own deceased family members communicating through her, I was an absolute skeptic. I felt life was a cycle that terminated and anything more was wishful thinking.
I’ve never been happier to be wrong. It’s reassuring to know loved ones are content, comfortable and still part of our lives. Communication offers more hope than closure. We see there’s no reason to stop talking to, acknowledging and loving those who have passed. Amber provides the bridge. You need only take a step. – S.S.


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