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Alissa Dillon

Intuitive Psychic Medium

I am Alissa Dillon, an intuitive psychic medium. Early in life, I learned to trust my ‘gut instincts' about people or situations, which were often correct. I experienced having conversations with my deceased family members while dreaming, which would bring some clarity and healing to my family members.

As an adult, I became fascinated with the gifts of a psychic medium, and would pay for readings often, to connect with loved ones, to help heal my grief. I believe spirits continue to surround the ones they loved while alive, although most people are not able to see/hear them.

In addition to my intensive training with various well-known psychics and mediums, I had the opportunity to study at Arthur Findlay College of Psychic Sciences in Stanstead, England.

My mediumship readings can provide healing and clarity, through these abilities:

  • Clairvoyance (connect with people/objects via extrasensory perception)

  • Clairaudience (perceiving what is inaudible to others)

  • Clairsentience (receive messages from emotions and feelings)

  • I can see and hear the deceased, as well as feel physical ailments they may have felt before passing away. I have ability to connect with humans as well as some animals.

  • I am also able to connect to those who are still living and are ill and need a voice for them.

I have had the passion of helping to heal people most of my life. I hold a Master of Education in Mental Health Counseling and am a Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor. I specialize in grief and trauma therapy. I am blessed with the ability to combine my clinical training with mediumship skills. A person struggling with grief can start to have some healing after receiving a message from the person/people who have left their lives. I, myself, benefitted from medium readings after the loss of loved ones. I am grateful to share these gifts with others.

I am located in Kingston, New Hampshire, only fifteen minutes over the Massachusetts border!




Just had a reading from Alyssa and she made the hair on my arms stand up My Mom came into the reading and she hit the nose on the head with so many things my Mom was about and said my Mom is has been with me throughout my whole life My Mom passed 45 yrs ago so never saw my kids but knows about my kids and she said she is jealous of my daughters curly hair and my daughter has the most curly hair ever everything she told me about my Mom was true right down to her hair do. Amazing told her to keep up her hard work....

Thanks a million I know now she is on my shoulder always


From Deb:  

I felt a strong connection to the spirit of my grandfather that she was able to bring in.  It was great to have that time with him!  

The positive for me was that I was able to ask him questions and converse with him without other spirits interrupting or the medium jumping from person to person. 

The call was very meaningful and I think due to the time I understood we would only get to a couple different topics.  

I would feel very comfortable talking to Alissa again! Thank you for the wonderful opportunity!!!


8/4/2019 07:37:20 AM

Picked up a lot of facts. She felt pain in the correct area of the deceased person. Very compassionate medium


8/4/2019 07:37:44 AM

Excellent medium reading. Would absolutely see her again. Great connection to my family.


8/4/2019 07:37:59 AM

Very detailed, wonderful reading. Would like to connect again with her. Felt that I had a great connection.


8/4/2019 07:38:10 AM

Some aspects were spot on. She knew about husband’s breathing issue and said that he wasn’t ready to die.


8/4/2019 07:38:47 AM

Alissa did a great job connecting with spirit. She was able to give me the guidance I’ve needed.


8/4/2019 07:39:01 AM

So so good, gave me a lot of GOOD INFO. I would see her again. I got a lot in 15 minutes


8/4/2019 07:39:16 AM

Alissa was right on with second person. Had a hard time getting me to understand first person. But she was right on with the person that came in.


8/4/2019 10:45:25 AM

Very good! Awesome connection with my son who lives across country. Knew a lot about his past and present. Fantastic.


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